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Impact of the IMYM Project on Grade 7 Pilot Teachers: A Follow-up Report

March 2000

Prepared by Distance Learning and Information Technologies Unit, Program Development Branch, Manitoba Education and Training

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4.0 Self-Directed Professional Learning

IMYM7 pilot teachers participated in ten days of professional learning, one of which was a self-directed day. The pilot teachers were asked to inform Manitoba Education and Training how they had spent or were going to spend their self-directed day by completing the Record of IMYM Self-Directed Professional Learning Form. The following chart illustrates ways in which IMYM pilot teachers spent or planned to spend their self-directed professional learning day.

Self-Directed Professional Learning Chart


Self-Directed Professional Learning Activities Number (%)
Balance and Harmony unit planning with teaching team 18 (58%)
Classroom website design 12 (39%)
Electronic portfolios and CD-ROM burning 8 (26%)
Assessment and evaluation of IMYM students 4 (13%)
Digital camera and video editing 5 (16%)
Facilitating collaborative learning 2 (6%)
Presentation software 1 (3%)
Classroom network management 1 (3%)
Email - creating/managing accounts 1 (3%)
SAG planning 1 (3%)

(n=31 of 42; 74% response rate)


Data Collection Form for Self-Directed Professional Learning
As IMYM7 pilot teachers you are participating in ten days of professional learning. The IMYM Project Team has provided eight such days. Of the two remaining days, one is the IMYM7 follow-up and the other is a self-directed day. Please complete this form as a record of how you have spent/will spend this self-directed day.
Please specifiy how you have spent/will spend your self-directed professional learning day.
Check Box Balance and Harmony Unit planning with teaching team
Check Box Facilitating collaborative learning
Check Box Presentation software
Check Box Concept-mapping software
Check Box Classroom website design
Check Box Electronic portfolios and CD-ROM burning
Check Box Digital camera and video editing
Check Box Visitation to another IMYM school
Check Box Other approved activity, please specify ___________________________________

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