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Software Learning Resources

The Interdisciplinary Middle Years Multimedia (IMYM) project supports both the Windows and the Macintosh platform. The IMYM7 Windows platform uses either the Windows 95 or 98 operating system and the IMYM7 Macintosh platform uses Mac OS 8.5. Every effort has been made to keep the IMYM7 software compatible and consistent for both Windows and Macintosh.

  • Productivity Suite
    This phase of the IMYM Project (IMYM7) allows pilot sites to choose a productivity suite that is compatible with the one used in their school. Pilot sites may choose any productivity suite that provides ALL of the following components - word processor, spreadsheet, database (e.g AppleWorks/ClarisWorks 5.0, Microsoft Works 4.5, Microsoft Office Pro 97).
  • Inspiration
    K-12 Edition, Version 5.0
    5 pack, hybrid CD-ROM
    Inspiration Software Inc.
    Inspiration is a real-time idea development tool for quickly clarifying, visualizing, and organizing the thoughts of an individual student or a brainstorming group. It can be used in a variety of subject areas for concept mapping and outlining.
  • Hyperstudio
    Version 3.2, 5 pack,
    Windows or Macintosh CD-ROM
    Roger Wagner Publishing
    Hyperstudio is used to create classroom multimedia projects and enable students to incorporate graphics, sound, animation, and video into their presentations.
  • Avid Cinema
    Avid Software Inc.
    Windows or Macintosh CD-ROM
    Avid Cinema is video editing software designed especially for those with no prior video editing experience. It guides students through the movie making process in four easy steps - design, capture, edit, and publish. Students can create and edit professional-looking movies by adding music, voice-overs, titles and special effects and can share their finished movie by publishing the video to tape, CD-ROM or as a QuickTime movie for the World Wide Web.
  • Netscape Communicator 4.5 - Composer
    Netscape Software
    Windows or Macintosh
    Composer is an easy to use a web page editor that lets students create web pages and publish them on the World Wide Web. Composer makes creating HTML-based documents as easy as using a word processor.
  • Netscape Communicator 4.5 - Navigator / Messenger
    Netscape Software
    Windows or Macintosh
    Navigator is a web browser that lets students search for and view information on the World Wide Web.
    Messenger is an internet mail client that lets students send and receive electronic mail (email) and exchange files with anyone who has an email address.
    Internet Explorer 4.0
    Microsoft Software
    Windows or Macintosh
    Internet Explorer is a web browser that lets students search for and view information on the World Wide Web. Students can also send and receive electronic mail (email) and exchange files with anyone who has an email address.
  • The Learning Equation 7 Math
    Nelson Canada
    Windows or Macintosh
    The Learning Equation 7 Math (TLE) consists of  curriculum-matched computer guided learning software and accompanying print resources. The TLE package contains a Student Refresher, a Teacher's Manual and CD-ROM.
  • Cetaenia
    Irwin Multimedia
    Hybrid CD-ROM
    Cetaenia: A Journey Through the World of Whales is an interactive CD-ROM containing internet support, live action videos, and interactive interviews. Students become virtual crew members of the Cetaenia, a fascinating research vessel, where they can learn about over 30 species of whales, dolphins and porpoises; interview scientists; complete research projects; and more. Cetaenia is a Western Canadian Protocol (WCP) approved learning resource for English Language Arts.
  • Cartopedia
    Windows or Macintosh CD-ROM
    Cartopedia is an electronic encyclopedia and an illustrated atlas in one. Cartopedia gives students access to over 10,000 screens and pop-up windows that present each of the world's 193 nations in detail.
  • Biomes and Natural Cycles
    Hybrid CD-ROM
    Biomes and Natural Cycles illustrates and explains our living planet, through colourful and dynamic presentations. Students can explore topics of interest through texts, narration, images, photos, maps, and climate charts.
  • Canadian Encyclopedia 99 - Student Edition
    McLelland & Stewart
    Hybrid CD-ROM
    Canadian Encyclopedia 99 Student Edition contains 4000 entries on all aspects of Canada. Students can access Boolean Search and SmartSearch Lists; 3500 multimedia items; the Gage Canadian Dictionary; the Canadian Quiz; and online student guides.
  • Encarta 99 Deluxe
    Microsoft Corporation
    Windows or Macintosh CD-ROM
    Encarta 99 Deluxe is an interactive encyclopedia that gives students access to more than 35,000 articles and thousands of multimedia elements including pictures, video, audio, and animation clips.
  • 1999 World Book Deluxe
    World Book Inc.
    Windows or Macintosh CD-ROM
    1999 World Book Deluxe is an interactive encyclopedia that contains curriculum-oriented content at a middle years reading level. Students can access a comprehensive collection of multimedia features and learning tools.
  • TechWorks Level 7
    Scholastic Inc.
    The Techworks Level 7 kit is part of a nine-part series (K-8) that illustrates the integration of information technology skills into curriculum. Each kit contains a Teacher Resource Notebook, Teacher Lesson Plan Notebook, Student Activity Cards, Resource CD-ROM for Macintosh and Windows, and Teacher Training Videotape.

IMYM7 schools piloting in French Immersion or Français will use the same software suite as above, except for the following substitutions:

  • Atlas Mondial - Encarta 2000
    (replaces Cartopedia '99)
    Windows CD-ROM
    Encarta Atlas Mondial est une ressource détaillée, comprenant cartes personnalisables, photos, vidéos, et sons, qui aideront les étudiants à découvrir, connaître et voyager virtuellement.
  • Encarta 2000 Deluxe Encyclopedia
    (additional copy replaces Grolier 2000 Deluxe Encyclopedia)
    Windows or Macintosh CD-ROM
    L'encyclopédie Encarta 2000 Deluxe est une ressource interactive, comprenant des milliers d'articles et d'éléments multimédia, y compris des images et des clips audios, vidéos, et animés.
  • Canadian 2000 World Edition Encyclopedia, Bilingual
    (replaces Canadian Encyclopedia 2000 Student Edition)
    Hybrid CD-ROM
    L'encyclopédie Canadienne 2000 donne accès à 10 000 articles, ainsi que des photos et des cartes géographiques touchant la plupart des aspects sociaux et économiques de la vie au Canada.