Climate Change Concept Maps

The following concept maps present a visual summary of the content of the Climate Change interdisciplinary unit. The first concept map is an overview of how the unit is divided into six sections - Ongoing Learning Experiences (OLE), Information and Communication Technology learning experiences (ICT) and Modules 1 to 4. Each of the six sections contains a set of learning experiences that is outlined in a separate concept map. At the centre of each of the sectional concept maps is the title of the section, the links show the number of each learning experience, and the symbols show the name of each learning experience. Linked to the name, is a brief summary of what students are expected to do in each learning experience.

Climate Change Overview
Unit Overview

Climate Change 

						 Change ICT

Climate Change The Big Picture
The Big Picture

						 Change Module 1
Module 1

Climate                         Change Module 2
Module 2

Climate Change                          Module 3
Module 3

					   Change Awareness
Climate Change Awareness