Research Results

Evaluation Report for the Grade 6 IMYM Pilot

February 1999

Prepared by Distance Learning & Information Technologies Unit, Program Development Branch, Manitoba Education and Training

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7.0 Summary of Follow-Up Session

Pilot teachers reported that they appreciated the opportunity to meet with colleagues and share ideas with fellow IMYM teachers. They reported that observing the excellent final products displayed at the IMYM6 follow-up session was very motivating. They also reported that listening to their colleagues’ evaluations and identifying shared successes and challenges validated their piloting experiences.

Pilot teachers reported that they valued the ideas presented to them during the follow-up session. They felt that they could go back to their classrooms with many new and exciting activities for their IMYM students. Teachers reported appreciating the "show and tell" session, the Hyperstudio ideas, the integrated curriculum ideas, the Department of Education and Youth K-S4 website, and the many other excellent ideas presented.

Many teachers indicated that they still needed more time to work on developing new interdisciplinary units. Teachers also reported needing more professional development sessions, more practice and training on technical troubleshooting, more hardware in their classroom, more interaction with other information technology using classrooms, and more easier level French language software.