Research Results

Evaluation Report for the Grade 6 IMYM Pilot

February 1999

Prepared by Distance Learning & Information Technologies Unit, Program Development Branch, Manitoba Education and Training

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8.0 Conclusion

The pilot teachers reported that they appreciated the opportunity to share the successes and challenges encountered by their colleagues during the course of implementing the Inventions, Innovations and Discoveries unit. It was important for the pilot teachers to understand how similar their colleagues’ successes and challenges had been.

The pilot teachers agreed that both their school administration and colleagues had been very supportive of the IMYM project and that this support was very important to the success of the project. Pilot teachers also reported that parents were very impressed with and happy to see their children involved in the IMYM project.

Pilot teachers commented on the importance of the physical organization of the classroom, which was necessary to accommodate the increased amount of group work, and on how their classroom role had changed to more of a facilitator of student learning. Pilot teachers also reported that in this new role it was necessary for them to be flexible and willing to try new instructional practices.

Pilot teachers agreed that the IMYM students had benefited from and enjoyed using the information technology. Several teachers commented on the students’ extreme motivation, their development of leadership qualities and group skills, as well as their ability to become good problem-solvers and negotiators.