Research Results

Impact of IMYM Project on Grade 5 Pilot Teachers: A Follow-up Report

December 1998

Prepared by Distance Learning and Information Technologies Unit, Program Development Branch, Manitoba Education and Training

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3.0 Impact of IMYM Project on Instructional Practice

Teachers were asked to describe the impact of the IMYM project on their instructional practice in terms of teaching style, curriculum integration, and information technology integration.

3.1 Teaching Style

Grade 5 IMYM pilot teachers have observed the following changes in their teaching style since their involvement with IMYM. They noticed a(n)

  • increase in the use of group work/activity centres/co-operative learning (N=6)
  • increased awareness of, comfort with, and use of an interdisciplinary approach (N=5)
  • change in their role as teacher – becoming more of a facilitator of active learning and less a provider of direct instruction (N=5)
  • increased integration of information technology into curriculum areas (N=3)
  • improved ability to manage a classroom with multiple simultaneous activities (N=2)

One teacher commented that he discovered how to manage several authentic computer and non-computer activities at the same time and realized that even in a seemingly chaotic class, real and valuable learning can take place. Another teacher encouraged more writing and multimedia work in mathematics and science. Another reported using student reflection and self-evaluation more often.

3.2 Curriculum Integration

Seven pilot teachers felt the level of core curriculum integration within their classroom had increased since their involvement with IMYM. Four teachers felt their level of subject-area integration had always been high but that the IMYM project had made them aware of more strategies to integrate learning outcomes and information technology in an interdisciplinary unit. Teachers felt better prepared to further develop subject-integrated materials of their own, however one teacher stated that it would take too much time to develop a unit of the same scope as A Prairie Tour. Teachers also felt better prepared to integrate more curriculum areas than they had previously. One teacher reported no change in level of subject-area integration.

3.3 Information Technology Integration

All but one pilot teacher reported an increase in the level of information technology integration in their teaching practice, as a result of their involvement with the IMYM project. (This teacher has been transferred to another school that does not have information technology available in the classroom.) Some of the teachers’ comments about the level of information technology integration in their classrooms are detailed below:

  • The IMYM project helped me to use information technology in a greater variety of ways, challenging the skills I already had.
  • I now view information technology as a necessary tool and use the Internet daily.
  • I incorporate more information technology in day to day classroom activities, especially video capture.
  • A Prairie Tourunit was the push I needed to integrate information technology in the classroom.
  • I continue to search for authentic ways to integrate curriculum and information technology.
  • The level of information technology integration in my teaching practice has increased dramatically.
  • I integrate information technology as a foundation skill into almost every curriculum area.
  • The IMYM project has provided me with the tools, the professional development, and the support needed to make use of information technology an essential part of my teaching and of my students’ daily learning.