Research Results

Impact of IMYM Project on Grade 5 Pilot Teachers: A Follow-up Report

December 1998

Prepared by Distance Learning and Information Technologies Unit, Program Development Branch, Manitoba Education and Training

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2.0 Implementation Factors

Teachers were asked to describe implementation factors related to the interdisciplinary unit A Prairie Tour, location of the IMYM hardware and software, as well as school and division/district expansion of the IMYM model.

2.1 A Prairie Tour Unit

Five teachers repeated the A Prairie Tour unit with their 1997-98 Grade 5 class while five other teachers completed only selected components. Two teachers, who teach multi-age classrooms, plan to teach the A Prairie Tour unit next year when they have new students. One teacher has changed schools and another is now teaching another grade level.

2.2 Location of Hardware/Software

Twelve teachers reported that the IMYM hardware and software remained in their Grade 5 classrooms. Two of these teachers reported that the equipment would be moved out of their classrooms the following year. One teacher reported that the computers had been relocated to the early years classrooms, and the video camera was being shared throughout the school. The TV, however, remained in the original IMYM classroom. Another teacher reported that while two computers had been relocated to the library, the other two computers and most of the software remained in the original Grade 5 IMYM classroom.

2.3 School Expansion of IMYM Model

About half of the Grade 5 IMYM teachers reported involvement of other Grade 5 classes with the IMYM project while four teachers reported no expansion of the IMYM model in their school. Many teachers reported technology-related and unit-related expansion. Some examples listed below:

  • The IMYM model was duplicated in two other classrooms in one school.
  • The IMYM model was duplicated in a computer lab (4 computers, scanner, digital camera).
  • Other teachers in one school are using the IMYM software.
  • One school now has an information technology plan for individual classrooms.
  • One school plans to establish the IMYM model in each classroom over the next two to three years.
  • In addition to the school computer lab, every classroom in one school now has at least one computer.
  • Staff in one school developed a school-wide project that incorporates math and science with extensive use of information technology.
  • Software has been purchased to enhance the teaching and learning of various Middle Years curriculum topics in several schools.
  • IMYM learning resources have been made available to other Grade 5 classrooms in five schools.
  • Teachers have reported that they are supported in their integration of information technology with the curriculum.
  • Teachers and students feel encouraged to achieve curriculum outcomes using themes, interdisciplinary units, information technology, and multiple intelligences.
  • More classrooms in one school are using the integration of core curriculum areas, information technology, co-operative learning, and multiple-intelligence strategies in daily learning activities.
  • Early years teachers, who are already teaching with themes, are now integrating the information technology component.
  • After-school professional development is now being provided for teachers in one school interested in integrating "technology as a foundation skill".
  • One school has put forward a vision for all teachers and students to develop information technology skills and competencies.

2.4 Division/District Expansion of IMYM Model

Three teachers reported expansion of the IMYM model within their school division. One school division has provided two sites at both the Grade 5 and Grade 6 levels. Teachers from another division met during divisional inservice days and developed integrated teaching units in several subjects, at different levels. The IMYM model was adopted by three schools in one division. However, this expansion was less successful because the new teachers needed more professional development and support to develop the skills needed. One other school division has made expanding the IMYM project its number one priority.