Research Results

Impact of the IMYM Project on Grade 8 Pilot Teachers: A Follow-up Report

May 2001

Prepared by Distance Learning and Information Technologies Unit, Program Development Branch, Manitoba Education and Training

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Appendix A - Guiding Questions

Part A:

  1. Which OLE and ICT learning experiences do you feel should be removed from the Systems and Interactions unit?
  2. Which OLE and ICT learning experiences should be added to the unit?
  3. Describe how well the Big Picture learning experiences set the stage for the module work.
  4. Describe how well the Investigation and TLE software allowed students to achieve the outcomes of grade 8 Math data analysis.
  5. Of the six modules, which worked well, which presented challenges?

Part B:

  1. What impact did the number of teachers in your IMYM teaching team, the number of modules you did simultaneously, and the scheduling arrangements have on the success of your IMYM pilot experience?
  2. What assessment and evaluation solutions worked for you in your IMYM classroom?

Part C:

  1. What hardware and software are IMYM "classroom essentials", "school essentials", and "division essentials"?
  2. What would you recommend as additional "nice-to-have" components of IMYM hardware/software?

Part D:

  1. Reflecting on the ICT surveys you completed in April 2000 and April 2001, how would you design an ICT skills and competencies technical training program for IMYM teachers?
  2. How would you design a professional learning program for IMYM teachers, using as a guide, the IMYM Teacher's Rubric for Indicators of Pedagogical Skill in Integrating Information and Communication Technologies with Curriculum and Classroom Practice?