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Program Description

The Manitoba-Québec Exchange Program is offered to students enrolled in the French Immersion Program who will be in Grade 10 or 11 next September. Students in the English Program with strong French skills can also apply. Manitoba Students are paired with Québec students for a six-month period – three months in Manitoba and three months in Québec.

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Program Objectives

  • Improve students French language communication skills.
  • Improve students’ confidence to speak French.
  • Develop students' bilingual identity.
  • Create lifelong opportunities and foster openness to other languages and cultures.
  • Develop students’ greater independence and self-esteem.
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How the Program Works

From September to December, Québec students live with their Manitoba host families and both students attend school in Manitoba. In turn, starting in February the Manitoba students live with their Québec host families and both students attend school in Québec, for the same length of time and under the same conditions.

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Terms and Conditions of Participation

  • School divisions, schools and parents must consent to participate in the program.
  • Schools must interview candidates and their families and select the participants.
  • A family must be able to adequately accommodate the Québec students for three months.
  • Each family member residing in the household, over 18 years old, must undergo a Criminal Record Check and Child Abuse Registry Check and the documents must be sent to the department by the end of May.
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Participant Selection Criteria

The candidates must have:

  • an interest in the program and the determination to complete it
  • a solid academic record or a recommendation from the school and parents
  • an openness to other cultures
  • the ability to adapt
  • a mature attitude
  • a good knowledge of French or a great desire to learn
  • good English language skills
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  • Participating families must pay part of the airfare ($300) as well as living expenses for their visiting student.
  • The government of Manitoba (Bureau de l’éducation française) covers the remaining round-trip travel costs from Winnipeg to Québec City.
  • Tuition costs are covered by both provinces based on reciprocity.
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Application Procedure

  1. The student and his/her parents are to fill out the Application Form electronically. The student must then submit the application form to the person responsible for the exchange program at the school (liaison teacher).
  1. The liaison teacher must advise the school division of the student's potential participation in the exchange program and ask the division to fill out the School Division Participation Request Form (MS Word Icon 43 KB).
  1. Upon receiving the duly completed application from the student, the liaison teacher will conduct an interview with the candidate and his or her parents or guardians at the residence where the student from Québec will be staying.
  1. After the interview process is complete, the committee will evaluate the candidate and decide whether or not the candidate is qualified to participate in the program. If so, the liaison teacher will prepare the student’s file to be submitted to the Department of Education.
  1. The student registration file of the student recommended by the school shall consist of two duly completed documents: the Application Form and the Interview Questionnaire.
  1. For each student recommended by the school, the liaison teacher will not only mail a copy of the student’s registration file to the program coordinator at the Bureau de l'éducation française, but will also submit the file electronically. He or she shall keep a copy for reference.
  1. The complete file must be submitted to the Department before the end of March.

Other information

The Manitoba participants will be paired with the Québec participants at the end of April. Each participant will be informed about his or her counterpart in May.

Only one family member a year is allowed to participate in the student exchange program.

It is up to the student and his or her school to make the necessary arrangements to compensate for the schooling that may be missed while he or she is away.

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Contact Person

For more information please contact:

Danielle Parent
Education Officer
Bureau de l'éducation française
Telephone: 204-945-6024
Toll Free: 1-800-282-8069, ext. 6024

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