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What your child is learning

In Kindergarten, your child learns to

  • understand the main ideas as he or she listens to spoken French
  • recognize that symbols, illustrations and writing express messages
  • communicate in French
  • recite rhymes and sing songs in French,
  • repeat words and phrases,
  • use words, letters and drawings to express ideas,
  • write his or her name or other familiar words and
  • use drawings and some letters.

To find out more about what your child is learning, talk to the teacher. You may also refer to the Manitoba Curriculum Framework document (in French only).

How your child is assessed

Your child’s teacher will assess children on their ability to understand and communicate. The teacher will report your child’s progress in areas such as  

  • How well your child understands symbols and follows simple directions
  • How well your child uses actions and drawings to communicate about a short story with pictures that has been read out loud
  • How well your child draws or uses letters, writes his or her name, and repeats words, sentences, poems or songs


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