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What your child is learning

In Grade 1, your child learns to understand basic words, sentences and questions in French about everyday activities such as the calendar, the weather and the family. Actions and pictures are used to help your child to understand.  He or she listens to rhymes, songs, and stories and participates in games. Grade 1 children join in reciting rhymes and singing songs and learn to follow simple directions. Learning about culture is an important part of the class activities.

How your child is assessed

Your child’s progress will be reported in one category: Oral Communication: Students listen and speak to communicate ideas and to interact with others .

The teacher will assess how well your child understands key words, sentences and simple questions in French. Your child will show that he or she understands by following directions, saying words or simple sentences and drawing pictures. Your child will also be assessed on how well he or she can communicate an idea in French using a sentence modeled by the teacher.

Reading and Writing are both part of the language instruction in French class are not assessed in Grade 1.

The teacher will report on your child’s progress three times a year. The information from each report helps you to support your child’s learning. You can use it to talk with your child and your child’s teacher about results, strengths, challenges and what your child will be doing next.

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