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During Grade 12, several students will reach the age of majority. Grade 12 students will have many decisions to make concerning their next career steps - post-secondary education, training, work experience or other. In Grade 12, students are required to take 3 compulsory courses, leaving them the flexibility in planning their schedule and in choosing their optional courses. If your child has accumulated enough credits up until this point, he or she might choose a lighter course load to allow for additional time to study and complete assignments, to work part time, or to pursue other activities.

Grade 12 concludes with graduation, an important rite of passage usually marked by a ceremony celebrating students’ successes. Students may have the opportunity to win awards and scholarships. Note that some scholarships require that students complete an application. Students have the responsibility, with assistance from the school’s student services, to inquire about and to apply for these scholarships.

To obtain a Manitoba high school diploma, students must accumulate a minimum of 30 credits. Students need to earn a credit in every compulsory course to be able to graduate from high school. In total there are 17 compulsory courses from Grade 9 to Grade 12 in both the English Program the Technology Education Program (see tables in English Program and Technology Education Program links). Students earn additional credits by completing optional courses.