Physical Education/Health Education

Planning Tools for Kindergarten to Grade 10

Yearly Plan Self-Checklists

K-10 Physical Education Yearly Plan Self-Checklist (MS-Word Icon 67 KB)

K-10 Health Education Yearly Plan Self-Checklist (MS-Word Icon 30 KB)

(Note: These downloadable self-checklists are 8.5 X 14 legal sized MS-Word documents. After printing, it is recommended to enlarge these documents to 11 X 17 using a photocopier.)

Sample Yearly Plan Grades 5-8 (MS-Word Icon 66 KB)

Outcome Spreadsheets

The Outcome Spreadsheet is a planner tool that contains all the specific learning outcomes in the K-S2 Physical Education/Health Education curriculum. Teachers can sort, cluster, group the learning outcomes according to a strand, topic, grade, physical activity, etc. by using the existing fields or adding their own.

K-10 (K-S2) Outcome Spreadsheet (Excel Icon 608 KB)

Outcome Cards

Kindergarten to Grade 10 Outcome Cards

Poster Set of 5 General Learning Outcomes Icons (Adobe Icon 13 KB)

Unit and Lesson Planners

K-8 Unit Planner (MS-Word Icon 74 KB)

K-8 Lesson Planner (MS-Word Icon 28 KB)

The files above are in MS-Word or Excel.

Instructions for downloading files

  • Right-click on the file title of choice (MS-Word or Excel)
  • Select Save Target As... from the pop-up menu
  • Select the folder where you would like to place the file, click Save
  • You may then open the file and adapt it as you wish