Physical Education/Health Education

OUT-of-Class Safety Handbook

List of Physical Activity Safety Checklists

This section contains the physical activity safety checklists that have been provided to inform students and parents of the safety concerns and/or standards to consider when selecting and participating in physical activity. While they are intended to be used specifically for OUT-of-class physical activities as part of Grades 912 PE/HE courses, they can also apply to physical activity participation in general. The intent is not to restrict student participation but rather to assist them in the process of identifying inherent or potential risks, recommending strategies/safest practices to manage these risks, and to minimize the possibility of injury during participation.

NOTE: A template has been provided to assist in the development of safety checklists for additional activities not included in this inventory.
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OUT-of-Class Safety Handbook: A Resource for Grades 9 to 12 Physical Education/Health Education

Physical Activity Safety Checklists

The following physical activity safety checklists are available for download as PDF Adobe Icon files .