Français arts langagiers – immersion


Direction des ressources éducatives (DREF)
The Direction des ressources éducatives françaises is a library for Manitoba teachers that provides educational resources that support K-12 curricula in the Français Program, French Immersion Program and the français courses (English Program).

Parents reports

A Guide to French Language Education in Manitoba
Answers to common questions about: French First Language, French Immersion and French Courses (English Program)

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Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Several projects in Manitoba integrate Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) into the curriculum.

  • Literacy with Information and Communication Technology (LwICT)
    Literacy with ICT is about students choosing and using ICT, responsibly and ethically, to support critical and creative thinking about information and about communication as citizens of the global community. Literacy with ICT is the basis for infusion of ICT across Manitoba curriculum.

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