Fran├žais arts langagiers – immersion

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Independent Together, Supporting the Multilevel Learning Community
This document is designed to engage students, educators, and parents in developing independent learners within a student-centred multilevel classroom community and to celebrate the uniqueness of each learner. Development along a continuum of learning offers independent learners time to grow as risk takers, leaders, researchers, and thinkers.

Curricular Connections, Elements of Integration in the Classroom
This document articulates the guiding principles of integration to support both teachers currently using integration approaches and those who are new to the concept and need direction. It is also designed to encourage teachers to provide a learning environment that both challenges students and reflects the continuing evolution of our community and our world. This document provides a theoretical basis for integration in curriculum planning; it is not intended as a guide to implementation.

Special Language Credit Option A Policy and Administrative Handbook for Grades 9 to 12 with Responses to Frequently Asked Questions
This document is designed to help schools administer the Special Language Credit Option. It describes the basic procedures and requirements established by Manitoba Education and Advanced Learning. The document outlines the Special Language Credit Option policy and administrative information.

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