Adult Learning and Literacy

Manitoba Stages Framework

In Manitoba Adult Literacy Programs, adult literacy instruction is based on the Manitoba Stages Framework. Designed for adult learners, the Stages framework supports instruction for adults with diverse goals including gaining or improving employment, accessing education or training opportunities, and addressing personal literacy needs that support individuals to engage fully in society.

This framework is aligned with the first three levels of Canada's essential skills and is used in Manitoba adult literacy programs as a guide to assess literacy skills, to customize instruction and to measure learning progress.

The Facilitators Guide (Adobe PDF Document 1.3 MB) | Guide de l'animateur (Adobe PDF Document 1.1 Mo)

Certificate in Literacy and Learning: Stage 1 to Stage 3

A Certificate in Literacy and Learning may be awarded to learners by the adult literacy program that they attend to recognize progress in learning through the Manitoba Stage levels.

FAQs about Stages

Which Stage Level should I be working on?

There are three Stage Levels. Everyone who attends a Manitoba adult literacy program will be provided with a literacy assessment that lets you and your instructor know what skills you already have and what skills you want to work on to reach your personal learning goal.

Each Stage level includes skills in four key literacy areas – reading, writing, document use and oral communication. The literacy assessment will help you and your instructor decide which Stage Level is right for you. You can work towards a certificate in each of the 3 Stage levels.

How will I be assessed?

Both you and your instructor can assess your literacy skills and progress by using the skills checklists and assignments set out in each of the Stages Record of Achievement manuals.

By completing each assignment you will be able to show the skills you have learned and by completing all the assignments at a Stage level, you will be able to demonstrate that you are ready to go to the next Stage level.

Adult literacy programs may use other assessment tools that help you to see your progress and to see what additional skills you need to learn to reach your learning goal. The Manitoba Adult Learner Assessment Guide ensures that all Manitoba funded adult literacy programs uses similar tools and processes to assess learners and their programs.

How much time do I have to complete a Stage Level Certificate?
The time it takes to complete a Stage level depends on each person's situation, for example, some people may only be able to attend part-time due to work and family responsibilities. You can take the time you need to learn.
How can I find out more about Adult Learning and Literacy Programs in Manitoba?

To learn more about adult literacy programming in Manitoba or to call an adult literacy program in your community or neighbourhood, please visit the Adult Learning and Literacy Directory. for further information.