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CAEC Testing in Manitoba


The Canadian Adult Education Credential (CAEC) is for Canadian adults who do not have a high school diploma but need an education credential to open new doors to training or employment opportunities.

The CAEC is a high-quality, made-in-Canada education credential and an academic achievement indicator for adults. In Manitoba, test-takers who successfully complete the CAEC are eligible to receive a High School Equivalency Certificate. Employers, educational institutions, and others can count on the CAEC as a reliable indicator of Canadian adults’ level of educational achievement.

The CAEC replaces the GED in Manitoba. GED testing ended in Canada effective May 3, 2024.

The CAEC is offered in partnership with Alberta. To register for the CAEC tests, you will be redirected to a site hosted by Alberta. Links may direct you to a page on the Alberta site.

CAEC Testing Process

STEP 1 – Assess your Eligibility

You are eligible for the CAEC in Manitoba, if you:

  • are a resident of Manitoba
  • have not completed high school or the GED certificate
  • are nineteen (19) years of age

STEP 2 – Register for a CAEC Candidate/Test Applicant Account

The CAEC is offered in partnership with Alberta. Before booking individual CAEC test sessions, you must register for a CAEC candidate/test applicant account.

To register for a CAEC candidate/test applicant account, visit the CAEC websiteExternal website

  • On the webpage, you need to select the appropriate Jurisdiction. For test applicants residing in Manitoba, please select MB.

STEP 3 – Select the Tests You Need to Complete

The CAEC consists of five (5) tests. You need to pass all 5 subject tests to receive a Manitoba High School Equivalency certificate.

You can review the test outcomes External website to see what you need to know and be able to successfully pass each test.

STEP 4 – Determine Special Arrangement and Accommodations

Universal supports are features and tools that are embedded in the digital assessment platform and available to all candidates on all CAEC tests, including:

  • Screen colour overlay
  • Screen text highlighter
  • Line reader
  • Zoom feature

You can apply for additional supports for testing. You are responsible for requesting special arrangements and accommodations with documentation before taking a test.

  • Special arrangements are environmental conditions that make a candidate feel more comfortable when writing a test such as privacy screens, ambient noise, noise blockers, extended writing time, additional breaks, other (availability may vary by location)
  • Accommodations are targeted supports for candidates related to a medically diagnosed condition or extenuating circumstances such as input assistance/scribe, reader, Braille format

Requests for special arrangements, accommodations and special versions must be made in advanceComplete this form to request a telephone appointment to discuss special arrangements and accommodations.

The following supports are not permitted under any circumstance:

  • use of a calculator on Part I of the Mathematics test
  • use of a dictionary, thesaurus, or translator for English–Reading, Social Studies, Mathematics and Science tests

STEP 5 - Book a test and Pay for Testing

CAEC testing is available monthly in sites located in Winnipeg, Brandon, The Pas and Thompson.

Tests can be completed over two days or spread out over several months. Check the Planning Calendar to create your own schedule from all the available testing window dates.

  • Payment must accompany the booking and must be made online using a Visa, Mastercard or Visa debit. There are no refunds. You may get a voucher credit in your CAEC account to use for future test windows.
  • Bookings close 10 business days before the scheduled testing session. You can reschedule a test up 5 days before the testing session. There is no refund for candidate test applicants who do not write the test(s) as scheduled or reschedules in advance.
  • You will be redirected to a site hosted by Alberta to book CAEC testsExternal website.
    1. Log in to your CAEC Account.
    2. Select the location, test(s) and test window(s).
    3. Pay the calculated amount in your cart.
      You will receive an email confirming your payment and selected testing window(s).

STEP 6 - Take Test(s) at Testing Centre

All candidates must register in advance to take the CAEC Tests. NO WALK-IN TEST TAKERS WILL BE ALLOWED TO WRITE THE TESTS.

Candidates must provide valid identification at the test centre. Acceptable forms of identification are government-issued identification that includes date of birth, photograph, address and signature.

Examples of acceptable identification include:

  • a valid driver’s license,
  • a valid passport,
  • firearms licenses
  • a Manitoba identification card, or the enhanced identification card offered through Manitoba Public Insurance agents
  • military and other government identification cards
  • certificate of Indian Status, Métis Status cards

STEP 7 – Get your Results

Test results for English Reading, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. will be available after two (2) business days in your CAEC account from the time of the test. Test results for English Writing will be available after 20 business days.

STEP 8 – Receive Official Transcript and High School Equivalency Certificate

  • An official transcript and a Manitoba high school equivalency certificate will be sent to candidates who pass all five subject tests of CAEC or GED approximately two (2) to four (4) weeks after completion of all the CEAC tests.

Complete the Transcript Request form for additional copies of your transcript.