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School Bus Driver Endorsement Forms

School Bus Operator’s Endorsement Form (Adobe Icon 42 KB) – Once a new school bus driver has successfully completed all Manitoba Public Insurance requirements and Manitoba Education’s mandatory 24 hours of school bus operator instruction, a School Bus Operator’s Endorsement Form is submitted to the Pupil Transportation Unit who will issue a School Bus Operator’s Certificate to the new driver.  The Endorsement Form requires the signatures of both a school division’s Transportation Supervisor AND the certified School Bus Driver Instructor*.

School Bus Driver Consent Form (Adobe Icon 30 KB) – In conjunction with submitting the Endorsement Form to apply for the School Bus Operator’s Certificate, a School Bus Driver Consent Form must be signed by all new school bus drivers.  This consent authorizes Driver and Vehicle Licensing, Manitoba Public Insurance to provide the Pupil Transportation Unit with personal information regarding their Manitoba driver’s licence, should it be necessary.


* School bus driver instruction must be provided by a certified School Bus Driver Instructor. A certified School Bus Driver Instructor is a driver trainer holding a Phase III School Bus Driver Instructor’s Certificate issued by the Pupil Transportation Unit, Manitoba Education. See School Bus Driver Instructor Seminar for further information.

School Bus Accident Forms

Regardless of severity, a School Bus Accident Report Form is to be completed whenever a school bus is involved in an accident. This form can be submitted to PTU in one of two ways:

  • print a blank copy, complete the form, and mail or fax to the PTU office in Winnipeg.
    School Bus Accident Report - Printable Format
    (Adobe Icon 85 KB)
  • complete and submit an electronic version
    School Bus Accident Report - Electronic Format (Adobe Icon 782 KB)
  • "Nil” Accident Report Forms (Adobe Icon 577 KB)
    Forms are to be submitted to PTU for those months in which no school bus accidents occur. There is no specific timeframe for submission (e.g. some divisions submit monthly, other send quarterly or semi-annually). The "nil" report form can be completed and submitted electronically, or printed off, completed, and faxed or mailed to the PTU office in Winnnipeg.

Failed Material Tag

Failed Material Tag Form (Adobe Icon 1.08 MB) – It is important that Manitoba's school bus maintenance personnel communicate school bus component failures by completing failed material tags. Identification of failures provides PTU with valuable information about Manitoba's school bus fleet, and failures of a similar nature can be explored with manufacturers and suppliers.

Preventative Maintenance Vehicle Inspection - Report “A” and Report “B”

The use of Preventative Maintenance Vehicle Inspection Report “A” (Adobe Icon 52 KB) and Report “B” (Adobe Icon 139 KB) can be used as tools to:

  • maintain proper record keeping and obtain warranty coverage from school bus manufacturers;
  • ensure technicians are performing the necessary maintenance to maintain peak operation of the school buses in your fleet;
  • hold the school bus technician accountable, as they sign off on the form indicating all tasks have been completed.

Note that school bus technicians are required to always refer to manufacturers' service manuals for more detailed information. If a discrepancy should arise between the report forms and the service manual, the service manual shall prevail.

School Bus Inspection Log Book

Effective July 2008, National Safety Code trip inspection standards changed.  To accommodate this change, Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation now requires that drivers submit trip inspection reports to carriers every 20 days.  Please note this time period refers to every 20 “operating” days.  Since the change to inspection standards, the School Bus Inspection Log Book has undergone two format changes:

The log books come bundled in packages of 10 for a cost of $23.90 plus taxes, shipping, and handling. When ordering, quote stock number 83901.

Motor Carrier Division of Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation - Administrative Forms

The Motor Carrier Division of Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation requires that school divisions maintain a variety of information about their school bus drivers. This requirement is in accordance with the National Safety Code and Section 318 of The Highway Traffic Act. The following forms can be accessed from Appendix E of the 2011 Commercial Operator Regulatory Education (CORE) Program (Adobe Icon 301 KB)

  • Accident Call Record: Incoming Call
  • Driver Profile Checklist
  • Driver Disclosure of License
  • Driver Record Inquiry From Driver and Vehicle Licensing
  • Driver Declaration of Violations and Accidents
  • Annual Review of Driving Record
  • Vehicle Profile Checklist
  • Monthly Maintenance Report


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