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This area of the website is designed to provide educators with professional learning tools and resources that highlight promising practice and research in Kindergarten to Grade 12 education.

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Maple the Manitoba Professional Learning Environment is a new Manitoba Education service: an online educational community that provides educators access to resources, professional learning services and opportunities for collaboration and interaction. Maple is a network for teachers and other education professionals, a place for exchanging ideas, offering and receiving support. Maple is also an official channel for communicating Manitoba Education plans, initiatives, programs and curricula to educators and school leaders. Membership to Maple is offered to all Manitoba educators, school clinicians and pre-service teachers. Join us!

Conferences and Workshops

Prevention of and Response to CYBERBULLYING – Safe and Caring Schools Leadership Forum
The Province of Manitoba is committed to supporting school communities in providing safe and caring learning environments. The Prevention of and Response to CYBERBULLYING – Safe and Caring Schools Leadership Forum was held on May 9, 2014, at the Canad Inns Destination Centre Club Regent Hotel in Winnipeg. It provided the opportunity to hear from experts about current research and legal implications in this area, about student-initiated projects, and about the Tell Them From Me initiative of the Department of Education and Advanced Learning.

Student Services Summer Institute 2013
The Manitoba Education Students Services Unit is pleased to offer Summer Institute 2013. The Summer Institute will provide a selection of workshops in Winnipeg from August 19 to 23, 2013.

French Immersion Conference 2011

Workshop Registration System
The Workshop Registration System is a searchable schedule of regional inservice sessions offered by Manitoba Education for educators within English and Senior Years Technology Education (English) Programs. Online registration is available for your convenience. Detailed instructions on how to use the site are offered as well as answers to frequently asked questions.

Event Calendar
Search for and find details about educational events, as well as submit events of interest to the educational community in Manitoba.

Manitoba Teachers' Society Special Area Groups (SAG)
The Special Area Groups affiliated with The Manitoba Teachers’ Society link a network of professional educators and offer professional learning opportunities in the form of conferences and workshops.

Online Professional Learning Communities Blackboard
If you belong to a Manitoba Online Learning Community, use this entry page to logon.

Awards, Bursaries and Grants

Manitoba's Celebration of Excellence in Teaching – Minister's Awards
The awards aim to recognize the work of Manitoba's outstanding educators whose exemplary contributions enhance student learning and achievement.

Manitoba Grants for Education for Sustainable Development
Manitoba Education and Manitoba Hydro are introducing Education for Sustainable Development Grants to promote professional learning for sustainability in classrooms. Manitoba Education and Manitoba Hydro want to support schools in which teachers want to work together to plan and teach sustainability-focused units. The grants will provide up to $2000 to cover expenses, such as teacher release time, professional development, and teaching/learning resources for sustainability education.

Manitoba Scientists in the Classroom Grants
Manitoba Education introduced Scientists in the Classroom Grants to support teachers in their efforts to collaborate with scientists who agree to engage with students in the classroom. The grants, of up to $1,000.00, cover expenses such as teacher release time for planning, professional development and teaching/learning resources.

Bursaries for Teachers
Are you a Basic French, French Immersion or prospective teacher of French and want to improve your language and methodology skills? The Bureau de l'éducation française has bursaries for you! Programs for teachers are offered in Winnipeg and the Collège universitaire de Saint-Boniface or outside the province during the spring and summer months.

Professional Certification

A valid Manitoba teaching certificate must be held in order to work as professional school personnel in Manitoba. Professional school personnel include the classroom teacher, clinician, vocational teacher, special education coordinator, level 1 and level 2 administrators.


Manitoba Education Reports, Research and Action Plans

Teacher Supply and Demand in Manitoba: Report of the Interorganizational Committee - March 2002
This report provides background information; provincial, regional, and national trends and factors influencing teacher supply and demand.

Research and Resources

Educational Links

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Professional Learning Web Resources
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Manitoba Education Libraries
Manitoba Education Library: provides Manitoba Kindergarten through Grade 12 educators with curriculum implementation support, educational research and professional development materials.
Alternate Format Services (AFS): supports the education of students who are print handicapped (Blind/Visually Impaired, Physically Disabled and Learning Disabled) by providing books in alternate formats (audiotape, braille, large print, and electronic text).
La Direction des ressources éducatives françaises (DREF): provides print and electronic educational resources to support Manitoba Kindergarten to Grade 12 educators in the French, French-Immersion and Basic French programs.

Manitoba Text Book Bureau Catalogue
A Manitoba Special Operating Agency (SOA) provides Manitoba schools with educational learning resources and related products to support teaching and learning and ensures the availability of all Department recommended learning resources.

Virtual Education Information Service
The Instructional Resources Unit (IRU) provides Manitoba educators with access to a number of online electronic resources and research databases (e.g., CBCA Fulltext Education; Canadian Education Directory; ERIC, Canadian Books in Print; Mental Measurements Yearbook; A/V Online and Gale Infotrac Fulltext Journals). Access is legally limited to Manitoba K-12 teachers and administrators.

Teacher Exchange Program

The Professional Certification Unit administers the teacher exchange program in Manitoba on behalf of Manitoba Education and remains the contact body for all inquiries respecting teacher exchange. Manitoba Teacher Exchange opportunities are available with Australia, The United Kingdom, The United States, The Federal Republic of Germany (teachers must be fluent in the language), and other Canadian Provinces.

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