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FRAME Reports

The Financial Reporting and Accounting in Manitoba Education (FRAME) Reports provide Manitoba public school division/district annual revenues and expenditures based on financial and statistical information submitted by school divisions/districts in accordance with FRAME. FRAME is the standardized method of accounting and financial reporting for school divisions/districts in Manitoba.



The PDF versions (see link on the left for a free copy of Adobe Reader) are complete copies of the published reports and are useful for viewing and/or printing your own hardcopy. The spreadsheet versions (in Excel) include only the tables containing financial and statistical data and are useful if you need to perform calculations not already provided in the reports (tables are also formatted for printing).

Downloading Files:

To save a copy of these files to your computer,

  1. right-click the file of choice (Adobe PDF or Excel in the right columns),
  2. Select “Save Target As...” from the pop-up menu (in Netscape, “Save Link Target As...” or Firefox, "Save Link As..."),
  3. Select the folder where you would like to place the file, click Save.


FRAME Reports — Budget
FRAME Reports
Adobe PDF Adobe Icon Excel Excel Icon
FRAME 2016/17 Budget 1.40 MB 509 KB
FRAME 2015/16 Budget 1.25 MB 505 KB
FRAME 2014/15 Budget
FRAME 2013/14 Budget
FRAME 2012/13 Budget
FRAME 2011/12 Budget
FRAME 2010/11 Budget
FRAME 2009/10 Budget
FRAME 2008/09 Budget
FRAME 2007/08 Budget
FRAME 2006/07 Budget
FRAME 2005/06 Budget *
FRAME 2004/05 Budget
FRAME 2003/04 Budget *
FRAME 2002/03 Budget *
FRAME 2001/02 Budget
FRAME 2000/01 Budget
FRAME 1999/00 Budget *

* Errata (notice of corrections made to FRAME reports)


FRAME Reports — Actual
FRAME Reports
Adobe PDF Adobe Icon Excel Excel Icon
FRAME 2014/15 Actual 1.05 MB 551 KB
FRAME 2013/14 Actual
FRAME 2012/13 Actual
FRAME 2011/12 Actual
FRAME 2010/11 Actual
FRAME 2009/10 Actual
FRAME 2008/09 Actual
FRAME 2007/08 Actual
FRAME 2006/07 Actual
FRAME 2005/06 Actual
FRAME 2004/05 Actual
FRAME 2003/04 Actual
FRAME 2002/03 Actual
FRAME 2001/02 Actual
FRAME 2000/01 Actual
FRAME 1999/00 Actual
FRAME 1998/99 Actual *
FRAME 1997/98 Actual *

* Errata (notice of corrections made to FRAME reports)


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