Research Results

ICT Application and Integration by Pre-service Teachers Beginning to Implement the IMYM Model

Prepared by Distance Learning and Information Technologies Unit, Program Development Branch, Manitoba Education and Training

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Pre-service teachers rate themselves as possessing Beginning, Developing, and Accomplished skill levels in their literacy in using ICT applications (Appendix A). However, these same pre-service teachers admit to being only at either the Beginning or Developing level with respect to pedagogical skill in integrating ICT (Appendix B).

As would be expected with little classroom experience, very few teacher candidates feel that they are at an Accomplished level and no one identified themselves at the Exemplary level for integrating ICT in the curriculum and in the classroom.

Much more pre-service teaching needs to be targeted at the pedagogy and promising practices needed to integrate ICT in the curriculum and in the classroom. Student-teaching practicum placements need to offer opportunities to apply and integrate ICT in the teaching/learning process.