Research Results

Impact of IMYM Project on Grade 5 Pilot Teachers: A Follow-up Report

December 1998

Prepared by Distance Learning and Information Technologies Unit, Program Development Branch, Manitoba Education and Training

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7.0 Conclusion

A third of the IMYM pilot teachers have repeated the A Prairie Tour unit. Another third have completed selected components of the unit. More than half of teachers reported that the IMYM information technology was still in the Grade 5 classroom, however there are plans to move some of the information technology in the future.

A dozen pilot teachers cited numerous examples of information technology-related and A Prairie Tour unit-related expansion in their schools. Some also reported expansion of the IMYM model at the divisional level. One quarter of the teachers reported no expansion in their school or at the division/district level.

Pilot teachers reported that the IMYM project had increased their awareness of, comfort with, and use of the interdisciplinary approach to teaching and learning. They also increased their use of group work and commented on how they had become more of a facilitator in the classroom. IMYM teachers reported increases in both curriculum integration and the level of information technology integration in their teaching practice.

Teachers noted that last year’s IMYM students demonstrated continued growth in their use of information technology. Students often returned to the IMYM classroom to use the information technology. Some students were frustrated because they could not continue using information technology at the same level in later grades.

Almost half of the IMYM pilot teachers shared the IMYM project through inservicing fellow teachers. They also gave presentations, created class "home pages", and hosted classroom visitations. Parental feedback was positive and many parents demonstrated their support of the IMYM project by becoming actively involved.

Based on the results of the follow-up survey conducted in the 1997-98 school year, it is apparent that many Grade 5 pilot teachers are continuing to implement A Prairie Tour and to retain the IMYM hardware and software in their classrooms. Expansion related to the IMYM model is also occurring. Teachers are reporting a change in their teaching practices related to teacher role, and to the increased use of information technology and interdisciplinary instruction. Benefits to students and a positive reaction from parents are also being realized. Finally, some teachers are continuing to facilitate the implementation of the IMYM model within their schools and school divisions/districts.