Research Results

Impact of the IMYM Project on Grade 6 Pilot Teachers: A Follow-up Report

September 2000

Prepared by Distance Learning and Information Technologies Unit, Program Development Branch, Manitoba Education and Training

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4.0 Impact of the IMYM Project on Students

Pilot teachers provided the following examples of the continued impact of the IMYM model on their previous year's students:

  • IMYM students are comfortable and competent with information and communication technology. (N=10)
  • Last year's IMYM students continue to return to the grade 6 classroom to use the information technology. (N=2)
  • Last year's IMYM students are frustrated because they cannot continue the same level of ICT use in the subsequent grade. (N=2)
  • Students have become more aware of how ICT can help them prepare projects and assignments.
  • Last year's students have developed their own website.
  • Last year's students have kept in contact via email.

Some of the grade 6 students have moved to other schools, and as a result the teachers have lost touch with them. (N = 3)

5.0 Feedback from Parents

IMYM6 pilot teachers received positive feedback from parents (N=13). Parents were excited and appreciated the opportunity their children had been given and the information and communication technology skills they had acquired. Many parents have purchased a computer and/or software as a result of their child's involvement in the IMYM project. Some parents wanted to do some ICT learning of their own (e.g. email). In general, the parents were very supportive of the IMYM model and wanted it to reach other classrooms/students.