Professional Learning

The IMYM model demonstrates how the integration of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) adds value to teaching, learning, and assessment. The IMYM model incorporates many promising pedagogical practices such as

  • interdisciplinary learning
  • collaborative learning
  • constructing knowledge
  • activating multiple intelligences
  • inquiry learning

IMYM offers a variety of professional learning experiences for teachers

  1. Self directed learning using the IMYM professional learning centre on CD-ROM:

    The IMYM CD-ROM entitled "Characteristics of the IMYM Classroom - professional learning experiences and videos" provides five professional learning centres on
    • classroom set-up
    • interdisciplinary approach
    • learning centres
    • authentic assessment
    • collaborative learning
    The CD-ROM contains videos to support each learning centre.
  1. Online courses through the IMYM Online Learning Community:

    "Implementing the IMYM Model" is offered to teachers as an online professional course through the Strategic Technology Assisted Professional Learning Environment (STAPLE).

    Professional reading by linking to the Concept to Classroom online workshops on: