A Prairie Tour

Software Learning Resources

Production Tools

  • Claris Home Page
    Claris Home Page is a "wysiwyg" web page creation tool.
  • ClarisWorks/AppleWorks 3.0
    (Note: ClarisWorks is now known as AppleWorks)
    ClarisWorks/AppleWorks is a fully integrated productivity tool for students and teachers.Tools include word processor,  database, spreadsheet and draw.
  • Hyperstudio 3.0
    Hyperstudio is a multimedia authoring tool that enables students to incorporate graphics, sound, animation, and video into their projects.
  • Inspiration 4.0
    Inspiration is a real-time idea development tool for quickly clarifying, visualizing, and organizing the thoughts of an individual or a brainstorming group. It can be used in many subject areas for "mind mapping" and "clustering."
  • WebWhacker WebWhacker is an off-line browser that lets teachers or students save entire Internet WWW sites (including text graphics, and HTML links) directly onto the local computer hard drive. Sites can then be viewed off-line at accelerated speeds. Initial "whacking" must be done on-line.



  • Canadian Encyclopedia 96
    Canadian Encyclopedia 96 contains the text of the Canadian Encyclopedia; the Gage Canadian Dictionary; Thesaurus;French-English/English-French Dictionary; World Timeline; maps, QuickTime movies and animations.
  • Compton's 96
    Compton's 96 CD-ROM version of the print encyclopedia contains images, maps and graphs, sound, animation, videos/slides, and an interactive multiple-window world atlas. Includes Internet connectivity.
  • Encarta 96
    Encarta 96 contains more than 26,000 articles, videos, animations, sound, etc. Includes interactive Timeline of World History, interactive Atlas and more.
  • World Book 96 Encyclopedia
    World Book 96 Encyclopedia incorporates multimedia resources such as videos, animations, and sounds with the complete text of the World Book Encyclopedia. It offers two ways to search: topic search or keyword search. Every map is searchable.



  • Cruncher
    Cruncher is a spreadsheet that combines full featured spreadsheet tutorials with fun and interesting real world projects. Includes ready-to-use templates.
  • Quest 2000
    Quest 2000 provides overviews of the content, instructional goals, and assessment tools, and directions for teaching core activities and setting up Exploration Centres. Other features include connections to children's literature and family activities that involve parents in their children's math discoveries.
  • Real World Math
    Real World Math is set in an airport. Each area of the airport contains activities that allow students to apply different mathematical skills.
  • Table Top Junior/Senior
    Table Top Junior offers young students a lively introduction to the mathematics of data and information and provides a rich domain for building language skills within a mathematical context. Table Top Senior is designed for mathematics, science, social studies, or any subject in which students want to explore and analyse data.
  • Tesselmania
    Tesselmania was inspired by the fascinating interlocking images called "tessellations" found in M.C. Escher's art. This amazing tool turns unique shapes into tessellations while visually demonstrating geometric concepts such as translations, rotations, and glide reflections.
  • Thinkin' Things
    Thinkin' Things is a software series that uses fun activities to promote logical thinking, observational skills, problem-solving and creative thinking skills.



  • Widget Workshop
    Widget Workshop is designed to teach young students the principles of science using a "Mad Scientist's Laboratory", a "Garage Workshop" and an "Attic Full of Neat Stuff". Students can experiment with light, colour, sound, time, gravity, random numbers, logic, digital electronics, mathematics, switches, planets, pendulums, cannons, and human and animal hearts.
  • Science Sleuths I and II
    The Science Sleuths series promotes investigations of real-life science mysteries by having students research clues and conduct experiments in an interactive science lab.
  • The Way Things Work
    The Way Things Work is the CD-ROM version of David Macaulay's book of the same name. It describes 200 common machines in detail and includes a "Who's Who of Inventors", an "Inventor's Workshop" and 20 humourous "Mammoth Movies". Topics covered include: computers, light and images, photography, floating, pulleys, heat, electromagnetism, sensors and detectors, gears and belts, springs, screws, inclined planes, flying pressure, friction, electricity, sound, magnetism, telecommunications, wheels, and levers. Search for this title using the search box on website.


Social Studies

  • A Prairie Tour Video
    A Prairie Tour Video was designed specifically as a learning resource to support the IMYM5 Prairie Tour interdisciplinary unit. This video resource is available for purchase from the Manitoba Text Book Bureau.
  • A Prairie Tour CD-ROM
    A Prairie Tour CD-ROM was designed specifically as a learning resource to support the IMYM5 Prairie Tour interdisciplinary unit. This CD-ROM is available for purchase from the Manitoba Text Book Bureau.