Teacher Bursaries

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much is the bursary?
  • Out-of-province Programs: $300 per week (to a maximum of $1200 per year)
  • Credit courses at the Universitaire de Saint-Boniface (USB): $300 per course (to a maximum of $1200 per year)
  • FIT Program: $800
  • Mini-FIT Program: $350 plus $125 per day to cover part of the substitute costs for the two Fridays of the course (if applicable)
  • ACELF: $1000
How is the bursary paid?

The bursaries for the FIT and Mini-FIT programs are paid directly to the USB on your behalf. All other bursary cheques are sent directly to your home address, once documentation of proof of completion of the course has been received and approved by the Provincial Coordinator.

Can I apply for the bursary every year?


Do you accept application forms after the deadline of April 30th?

Yes. However, late applications will be considered only if funds are available at the time your application is received.

Which out-of-province study programs qualify for the bursary?

Bursaries are for programs designed specifically for teachers who want to improve their pedagogical skills for teaching French. Programs to improve one’s proficiency in French can also be considered.

How can I get more information about the different programs offered by the educational institutions?

You must contact each institution directly. For a list of institutions, visit Bursaries for Teachers and click on the relevant links.

I intend to participate to a program outside Manitoba but have not yet received my acceptance letter from the institution where I wish to study. Can I still apply for the bursary?

Yes. You can submit your bursary application form without the acceptance letter. However, you must submit a copy of this letter to us as soon as you receive it in order to complete your file.

Please note that a letter of acceptance for the FIT and Mini-FIT Program, do not need to be submitted to complete your bursary application.

Can I receive a bursary for a “Français oral” course or “Perfectionnement du français” course offered at the USB?

No. Only credit courses offered in the spring or summer months at the USB are considered.

Can I fax or email my application?

Yes. Faxed or emailed applications are accepted.

How are the bursary recipients selected?

All application forms received before April 30th will be considered. However, if the number of applications received exceeds the number of bursaries to be offered, the names of the bursary recipients are randomly drawn by computer.

When do I find out whether my application has been accepted?

An email confirming the status of your application is sent to you around mid-May.

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