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What your child is learning

This course supports studentsí critical thinking and French language skills while engaging in meaningful discussions related to literature, film, documentaries, current events, music and their role in todayís world.

Throughout the course, students will deepen their listening and speaking skills as they participate in whole and small discussion groups, work collaboratively and offer meaningful feedback to their peers as they explore and react to essential questions and ideas. They will also work on their informative, explicative, opinion and fictional writing skills as they discover various topics and viewpoints presented throughout the course.

This course also allows the student to develop further their identity as a French language learner as well as their worldview. It encourages them to continue learning in French and further their appreciation of French media, arts and culture, and of the contributions of Francophones in the French-speaking world of today.

To find out more about what your child is learning, talk to their teacher. You may also refer to the Language Arts Practices: Orientation Guide for information regarding the programís guiding principles and recommended practices.

How your child is assessed

How your child is assessed may vary from school to school. Assessment will take place throughout the entire course. Written assignments (e.g. text summaries, dialogues, or opinions), oral presentations and other visual representations are some of the ways that your child may be assessed. Generally, assessment in the Français courses includes a final exam prepared by the teacher, the school or the school division. The final exam measures how your child communicates, as well as their knowledge of the course's units and topics. The length, value and format of this exam may differ from school to school.

For information about provincial policy related to assessment, grading and report cards, see Manitoba Provincial Report Card Policy and Guidelines.

Supplementary Information

In the Grade 9 Français course, the school, teachers and students choose all materials. These materials may vary from one school to another.

To further support students in their learning, please consult the following links. They provide access to a variety of learning resources to engage students in French.

The My learning at home website is one of the supports that you can use to enhance learning at home for your childís well-being and learning growth.

The Information For Families and Communities webpage provides information for families and communities.

The St. Boniface Library (Bibliothèque St. Boniface) allows students to borrow French reading material, whether in print or digitally (e-book).