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What your child is learning

Grade 9 Social Studies: Canada in the Contemporary World

This is a course to help students understand the ideas of citizenship and identity in today’s Canada. They explore aspects of present-day Canada so that they can be informed, active and responsible citizens.

The course is divided into four areas of study:

  • Diversity and Pluralism in Canada
  • Democracy and Government in Canada
  • Canada in the Global Context
  • Canada: Opportunities and Challenges

For further information, speak to your child’s teacher or refer to the Social Studies Curriculum Documents.

How your child is assessed

How your child is assessed may vary from school to school but assessment will take place throughout the entire course. Observations, oral presentations, and written assignments are some of the ways that the teacher may assess your child. Assessment may include a final exam prepared by the teacher, the school or the school division. The final assessment evaluates the studentís knowledge and understanding of the topics studied. The length, value and the format of this assessment may vary from school to school.

Supplementary Information

In the Grade 9 Social Studies course, textbooks and other learning materials are chosen by the school, teachers and students. These materials may be different from one classroom to another.