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What do the codes at the end of course titles mean?

Senior Years course designation codes

The course titles are followed by numbers and letters (e.g. Mathematics 10F or ELA: Comprehensive Focus 30S). The designation at the end of a course title contains three characters:

First Character: What is the course grade level?

1 course developed for Grade 9
2 course developed for Grade 10
3 course developed for Grade 11
4 course developed for Grade 12

Second Character: Who developed the course?

0 course developed or approved by Manitoba for 1 credit
5 course developed or approved by Manitoba for ½ credit
1 or 2 course developed by someone else (e.g. school, out of province) and approved or registered by Manitoba

Third Character: What type of course is it?

Course and programming designations identify and describe the purpose of a course. The most commonly used course designations are: general (G), foundation (F) and specialized (S).

  • English 10F is the Grade 9 English foundation course, developed by Manitoba for 1 credit.
  • Essential Mathematics III 35S is the Grade 11 Essential Mathematics III specialized course, developed by Manitoba for ½ a credit.

Other designations include modified (M), EAL (E) and individualized (I).

These designations are for students with IEPs. The college (C) and university (U) designations are used for courses that can be also credited in colleges and universities.