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To meet the graduation requirements, students must earn a minimum of 30 credits as presented in the following table.

Compulsory courses 17 credits
Optional courses 13 credits
Number of credits required for the Senior Years Diploma 30 credits

Students must therefore choose optional courses to earn the number of credits required by the High School Diploma. The list of optional courses varies from school to school. Your child's choices of optional courses may:

  • offer additional academic support (ex. Grade 9 Transitional Mathematics)
  • complement his/her personal and academic interests
  • may reinforce and support his/her career choices

The list of optional courses varies from school to school. This list may include such courses as:

  • Language Arts (additional courses for credit)
  • Mathematics (additional courses for credit)
  • Social Studies (additional courses for credit)
  • Science (additional courses for credit)
  • French
  • Other Languages
  • Arts Education
    • Visual arts
    • Music
    • Drama
    • Dance
  • Career Development
  • Technology Education
    • Technical Vocational Education
    • Home Economics
    • Business and Marketing Education
    • Industrial Arts/Technology Education
    • High School Apprenticeship Program
  • Other school initiated courses (SIC) or student initiated projects (SIP) including post-secondary credits (dual credits), Cultural Exploration SIP or Community Service SIP
At least one optional credit must be at the Grade 11 level and at least two optional credits must be at the Grade 12 level. Ask the student services at your school for more information about the graduation requirements or refer to Graduation Requirements for Manitoba High School Diplomas.