MY CHILD IN SCHOOL – Informed Parent, Involved Parent


What my child is learning

This course consists of two major areas of focus: the Core content and the Physical Activity Practicum.

The Core content is led by the teacher in-class. It makes up at least 25% of the course.

In Grade 12, the Core content is related to Fitness Management, Nutrition, Personal Development and Healthy Relationships.

The Physical Activity Practicum focuses on physical activity participation and may be directed either by the teacher in school or by the student outside of regular classes. For the OUT-of-class Physical Activity Practicum, your child will be required to create a personal physical activity plan with teacher guidance.

For further information, speak to your child’s teacher or refer to Physically Active and Healthy Lifestyles for All Students: A Parent's Guide for Grades 11 and 12 Physical Education/Health Education.

How my child is assessed

Your child will receive a Complete or Incomplete mark at the end of the Grade 12 course rather than a percentage grade. This will not be used in calculating the grade point average. A Complete mark indicates the student has met course criteria and expectations as determined by the school and teacher.

To receive a mark of Complete, students must complete all learning activities, assignments and tests as required. As part of the criteria for course completion, students involved in OUT-of-class self-directed physical activity must hand in a personal fitness portfolio to show that they have completed a physical activity practicum. This portfolio will contain sections such as a fitness plan, a physical activity log, sign-off forms and journal entries. Teacher observations, assessments by classmates, assignments and tests are some of the ways your child may be assessed for the other parts of the course.

If a student receives an Incomplete, he or she will need to repeat the course, or some parts of the course as determined by the school.

Supplementary Information

The Grade 12 Physical Education/Health Education curriculum involves home, school and community. The course may be offered in different ways in different schools. Please contact your school/division to obtain further information about how the course is offered at your child’s school.

A minimum of 25% of the course will be instruction led by the teacher (IN-class). The rest of the course could be offered IN-class, OUT-of-class or a combination of the two. The OUT-of class part of the course can include activities organized by the school/division or activities that are not directly related to the school/division such as community sports, classes, clubs and exercising at home.

As the parents of a student under the age of 18 completing the Grade 12 PE/HE course, you are expected to review and approve your child’s personal physical activity plan as well as review and be aware of the safety issues of the activities your child has chosen.

For students with exceptional learning and/or health care needs, teachers will continue to make modifications, adaptations and accommodations as needed.