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What your child is learning

The three English Language Arts courses enable students to choose a focus for the way language is used either through a literary and creative focus, a practical and pragmatic focus, or a combination of the two. The three courses address the same literacy skills and learning and they are equally rigorous. The difference is the particular focuses into how language is used for different purposes.

Grade 11 English Language Arts: Literary Focus

This is a course for students who wish to focus on creative and literary forms of language. Students study and produce a variety of spoken, written and visual texts that promote understanding and empathy, reflect culture, express feelings and experiences, and bring enjoyment. Students may also study and produce reviews, discussions or interpretations of various texts.

Grade 11 English Language Arts: Transactional Focus

This course focuses on the day-to-day use of language for a variety of practical purposes. Students read, watch, listen and respond to various forms of communication. They speak, write and communicate visually for different purposes including informing, persuading, analyzing and explaining. Students may, for example, critically examine television commercials and news broadcasts, write articles and editorials, or listen to radio broadcasts and speeches to gather information and ideas.

Grade 11 English Language Arts: Comprehensive Focus

This course balances practical and literary purposes and uses of language. Students explore and use language for practical purposes such as to inform, direct, persuade, plan, analyze, and explain. They also explore the literary use of language in texts that promote understanding and empathy, reflect culture, express feelings and experiences and bring enjoyment.  During the course, students communicate orally, in writing and visually.

For further information, speak to your child’s teacher or refer to Senior 3 English Language Arts, Manitoba Curriculum Framework of Outcomes.

How your child is assessed

Assessment will take place throughout the entire course. Some of the ways that your child may be assessed are through writing (e.g. reports, short stories, or websites), designing and delivering oral and visual presentations, and responding in different ways to what is read, heard and viewed. Assessment in English Language Arts courses may include a final exam prepared by the teacher, the school or the school division. The final exam measures how your child communicates ideas and information and comprehends, responds to, and analyses various types of materials.

Supplementary Information

In the Grade 11 English Language Arts courses, the course materials are decided by the school, teachers and students. These materials may be different from one classroom to another.