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Funding of Schools 2023/2024 School Year

This year, the Manitoba government is strengthening the province’s education system by increasing funding for kindergarten to Grade 12 schools by $100 million for the 2023-24 school year, representing an increase of 6.1 per cent in operating funding. This includes:

  • a $63-million increase in operating support, including an additional $20 million to address cost pressures, $5 million for special needs along with increases in other existing grants;
  • an $8-million increase in capital support payments;
  • a $24-million increase to the Property Tax Offset Grant; and
  • an additional $5-million for independent schools.

In addition, the province is investing another $106 million to make one-time funding provided to school divisions last year permanent. Making this funding permanent will help school divisions respond to financial pressures, strengthen student learning and supports, and provide additional support for students with special learning needs.

Building these increases into the annual funding allotment to schools will ensure these funds remain available now and into the future.  This funding includes $22 million to support student presence and engagement to facilitate the implementation of Safe and Caring Schools, the new policy directive and action plan for enhancing student presence and engagement.

Since 2016-17, operational funding to schools has increased by $328 million or 23 per cent.

Every division will see an increase in funding for the next school year, which will help them engage students and invest in the programs and services that will best meet the needs of local communities. The Funding of Schools 2023/24 School Year document provides details on how this year’s funding has been allocated for school divisions.

Funding of schools booklet

Funding of Schools 2023-2024 School Year

Funding of Schools 2023/2024 School Year (Adobe Icon 421 KB)

This booklet is intended to be an easy-to-read reference guide describing funding for the 2023/2024 school year.


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