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Grants for French Language Education

Français Program, French Immersion Program and English Program: French courses

Manitoba Education and Early Childhood Learning provides financial support through base funding and grant allocation to school divisions for French Language Education. This funding, disbursed to school divisions, is intended to support the full implementation of both the Français and French Immersion Programs, and to support the successful delivery of French courses within the English Program.

Grant Allocation

The Department

School divisions must:

French Language Education Review — French Immersion Program and French courses (English Program)

In September 2014, the Department introduced a French Language Education Review to further support the full implementation of the French Immersion Program and the successful delivery of French courses (English Program) within Manitoba schools. For more information, see August 2014 Letter to SD for the French Immersion (Document en format PDF 32 KB) Program and the October 2014 Letter to DS for French courses (English Program) (Document en format PDF 179 KB).


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