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Kindergarten to Grade 12 Correlation Chart
Template and Kindergarten Tool Kit

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Education for Sustainable Development: K to 12 Correlation Chart Template and Kindergarten Tool Kit

Correlation Charts of Student Learning Outcomes

This education for sustainable development (ESD) template will assist teachers in the development of their own ESD activities by incorporating the ESD learning outcomes from the correlation charts or from curriculum documents.

Specific Sections of the Document:

Introduction and Background Information (508 KB)
Resources (539 KB)
ESD Learning Experience Template (479 KB)
Kindergarten Tool Kit (540 KB)
Appendix A: Potential ESD Themes (460 KB)
Appendix B: Recommended ESD Learning Outcomes (537 KB)
Appendix C: Sustainable Development Specific Learning Outcomes, Curriculum Pages, and Blackline Masters (465 KB)
Appendix D: Sustainable Development Activities #1: Use of Trees (538 KB)
Appendix E: Sustainable Development Activities #2: Needs (903 KB)
References (508 KB)