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Guide for Sustainable Schools in Manitoba - 2nd edition

Kindergarten to Grade 12 Correlation Chart Template and Kindergarten Tool Kit


Refuse, Refuse, Ri-fyooz Ref-yoos: A Guide to Waste Reduction in Manitoba Schools

The document A Guide to Waste Reduction in Manitoba Schools was created in order to foster discussions about what you can do in your school division to reduce waste. This guide not only gives direction, but also encourages discussion about the steps taken at Landmark Elementary School (LES) and the resulting 50% Challenge for Waste Reduction undertaken at Hanover School Division (HSD). The guide describes how the actions of students in one school brought about change in an entire school division. It is both a “how-to” and a “why-to” guide since many questions about waste reduction must be addressed in order to make a school-wide or division-wide initiative a success.