Successful Futures for All Students

A Guide to Career Development Programming

This guide explains why career development continues to be an important consideration for all K–12 school leaders—now and in the future. It shows how career development programming helps Manitoba students complete school and transition to post-secondary education and/or the workplace. This guide also illustrates how Manitoba educators, schools, and school divisions can integrate career development concepts, programming, and resources with curriculum outcomes in their classrooms.

Succesful Futures for All Students: A Guide to Career Development Programming for Manitoba School Leaders

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Introduction (314 KB)
Why Career Development? (393 KB)
Your Future.... Your Way! (365 KB)
Career Management Skills (311 KB)
Career Development Needs of K-12 Students (657 KB)
Quality School-Based Career Development Programming: Key Elements (503 KB)
Planning Considerations: The Big Picture (432 KB)
Implementation Strategies (682 KB)
Summary (396 KB)
Appendices (623 KB)
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