Social Studies

Senior 2 Social Studies Teacher Notes

Senior 2 Social Studies: Geographic Issues of the 21st Century: Manitoba Curriculum Framework of Outcomes and A Foundation for Implementation

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Teacher Notes

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1: Geography: More than a Subject in School
2: The Nature of Geography (2 pages)
3: What Is Where, Why There, and Why Care? (3 pages)
4: Physical Geography
5: Human Geography
6: Map Projections (2 pages)
7: Map Types and Properties
8: Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
9: Global Environmental Types (Biomes)
10: Place and Identity
11: Asking Geographic Questions
12: Asking Questions (2 pages)
13: Conducting a Debate (2 pages)
14: Conducting an Interview (2 pages)
15: Creating a Brochure
16: Creating an Electronic Presentation (2 pages)
17: Creating a Flow Chart
18: Creating a Poster
19: Creating a Transect
20: Creating a TV Commercial
21: Developing a Briefing Paper
22: Journal Writing in Geography (2 pages)
23: Note-Taking Strategy (2 pages)
24: The Inquiry Process (Conducting Research)
25: Persuasive Writing
26: Writing an Editorial
27: Aboriginal Names and Terminology
28: Royal Commission Role-Play
29: Role-Play in Social Studies
30: Field Studies in Geography
31: An Apple for Learning
32: Reading for Comprehension and Note-Taking Strategy
33: Articulating Perspectives on Issues
34: Dealing with Controversial Issues (2 pages)
35: Reaching Consensus
36: Recognizing and Acting against Discriminatory Practices (2 pages)
37: Critical Thinking in Social Studies
38: Rotational Graffiti
39: Simulation Games
40: Urbanization (2 pages)
41: Aboriginal Perspectives of Sustainable Development
42: Manitoba’s Principles and Fundamental Guidelines of Sustainable Development (3 pages)
43: The Sustainable Development Timeline (10 pages)