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Senior Years Technology Education Program

Grades 9 to 12 Electrical Trades Technology
Manitoba Curriculum Framework of Outcomes – August 2014 Unedited Draft

The Grades 9 to 12 Electrical Trades Technology Manitoba Curriculum Framework of Outcomes (August 2014 Unedited Draft) identify specific student learning outcomes for use in all Manitoba schools teaching the following Grades 9 to 12 Electrical Trades Technology courses as part of the Senior Years Technology Education Program:

9054 Exploration of Electrical Trades Technology 15S
9055 Introduction to Electrical Trades Technology 20S 20E 20M
9056 Electrical Trades DC Fundamentals 30S 30E 30M
9057 Residential Wiring 30S 30E
9058 Electrical Wiring Methods 30S 30E 30M
9059 Advanced Residential Wiring 40S 40E 40M
9060 Electrical Trades AC Fundamentals 40S 40E 40M
9061 Advanced Electrical Wiring Methods 40S 40E 40M
9062 Applied Electrical Trades Technology 40S 40E 40M

Grades 9 to 12 Electrical Trades Technology: Manitoba Curriculum Framework of Outcomes—Draft 2014

Manitoba Education and Training staff have completed this UCC Form to assist teachers in obtaining Level 1 accreditation with Apprenticeship Manitoba. Please note that the times in this document are estimates which meet or exceed the minimum time requirements established by Apprenticeship Manitoba. Teachers are invited to modify the times to reflect their individual programs.

Curriculum Implementation Dates

During voluntary implementation, teachers have the option of teaching the entire new draft curriculum as soon as Manitoba Education and Training releases it on the Technology Education website.

They also have the option of teaching the courses from the previous curriculum. Teachers who implement courses before system-wide implementation need to ensure that students who are already taking courses from the previous curriculum achieve all SLOs with a minimum of redundancy.

Voluntary implementation of all Electrical Trades Technology courses begins in the fall of 2014 and will continue until their respective system-wide implementation dates.

Electrical Trades Technology
Curriculum Implementation Dates
Date System-Wide Implementation
Fall 2015 Grade 9
Fall 2016 Grade 10
Fall 2017 Grade 11
Fall 2018 Grade 12

Under system-wide implementation, all teachers in Manitoba teach the new curriculum and use the new course codes. Teachers will no longer be able to use the previous course codes. Course codes are found in the Subject Table Handbook: Technology Education.