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Physical Education/Health Education

Websites to Support the Curriculum

Grade 11 Active Healthy Lifestyles

Module E: Substance Use and Abuse Prevention

Lesson 1: Legal and Illegal Substances

How to Read a Drug Label

NIDA InfoFacts: Prescription Pain and Other Medications

Health Report to Albertans Adobe Icon

Drugs and Alcohol - Factsheets

Addictions Foundation of Manitoba

Drug Infonet

Drugs, Supplements, and Herbal Information

The Internet Drug Index

Lesson 2: Stages of Substance Use and Addiction

A Biopsychosocial Model of Addiction Adobe Icon

Levels of Involvement Framework Adobe Icon

Lesson 3: Risks and Consequences of Substance Use

Addictions Foundation of Manitoba - Youth Services

Substance Abuse in Canada: Youth in Focus Adobe Icon

Addictions Foundation of Manitoba - Services

Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse (CCSA)

High on Life: Everybody Wins!” Manitoba Addictions Awareness Week: Resource Kit

An Overview of Risk and Protective Factors: The Alberta Youth Experience Survey 2002 Adobe Icon

Straight Facts about Drugs and Drug Abuse

Sam’s Story: Walnut Creek Teen’s Road from Meth

Manitoba Addictions Awareness Week (MAAW)

Lesson 4: Advocacy against Substance Use and Abuse

A Guide for Teens: Does Your Friend Have an Alcohol or Other Drug Problem?

Substance Abuse in Canada: Youth in Focus Adobe Icon

Alcohol and Other Drug Use in Manitoba Students
Adobe Icon