French Immersion Program

Manitoba Education recognizes the French Immersion program as one of the four official school programs (English, Français and Senior Years Technology Education).


The Vision for French Immersion in Manitoba: A Renewed Vision 2017

French Immersion in Manitoba – A Handbook for School Leaders

Curriculum Policy for the French Immersion Program (July 2008, 3rd edition)

French Immersion in Manitoba (April 2002)

French Immersion: Findings of School Administrator Focus Groups (April 2000) (Adobe icon 62 KB)

Survey of 1998 and 1999 Manitoba French Immersion Graduates

Visit Parents, Families and Communities Reports for additional documents related to the French Immersion program.

Grade Groupings

Manitoba schools offer 13 grades (Kindergarten to Grade 12), which are grouped as follows

Grade Groupings in Manitoba Schools
Groupings Grades Approx. Age of Students
Early Years Kindergarten* to Grade 4 5 to 10 years
Middle Years Grade 5 to Grade 8 10 to 14 years
Senior Years Grade 9 to Grade 12 14 to 18 years

Kindergarten remains as optional year of schooling. When a school division or school offers Kindergarten, the percentage time allotments for Grades 1-3 should be used as a guide for instructional time with the exception of Physical Education/Health Education where the time is mandated; provincial curriculum for Kindergarten should be followed. Provincial curriculum, which will continue to be developed to include Kindergarten, will be based on outcomes.

Early and Middle Years

Students in Grades 1 to 8 are expected to demonstrate learning in the four foundation skill areas

  • Literacy and communication
  • Problem Solving
  • Human Relations
  • Technology

Instruction, skill development, and practice in these four areas are required in all subject areas.

For more information visit Elements Integrated in the Curriculum.

Compulsory subject areas in Grades 1 to 8

  • English language arts - Immersion
  • Français
  • mathématiques
  • sciences de la nature
  • sciences humaines
  • Éducation physique et éducation à la santé
  • Éducation artistique

Subject Area Time Allotments

Time allotment tables describe the expectations for the subject area time allotments in the French Immersion Program. An overall percentage breakdown is given as a guideline only, and reflects a change from the total time in minutes for compulsory and optional subject areas. Please note however that the minimum allocated time for Grades K to 8 Physical Education/Health Education is mandated.1

Visit the Subject Area Time Allotments page for a more detailed explanation.

See Manitoba PE/HE Curriculum Overview and Scheduling Kindergarten to Grade 8 Physical Education/Health Education: A Resource for School Administrators for strategies to meet class time specifications. (Please note that recess is not part of PE instructional time.


Early and Middle Years Recommended Subject Area Time Allotments
Subject Areas Grades
1 to 6
7 and 8
Compulsory English language arts - Immersion 20% 14%
Français 15% 13%
Mathématiques 15% 17%
Sciences de la nature 10% 13%
Sciences humaines 10% 13%
Éducation physique et Éducation à la santé (mandated time) 11% 9%
Éducation artistique 10% 8%
e.g., formation personnelle, etc. 9% 13%
Total   100% 100%

Bilingual Heritage Language Instruction (Ukrainian, German, Hebrew)
The time allotments specified for the French Immersion Program also apply to Bilingual Heritage Language Instruction. Time allotments for English language arts will be the same as the English allotment in the table. The time allotment identified for Français will be used for language arts instruction in the heritage language. Mathematics and science will be instructed in English; the other subjects will be taught in the heritage language (following the Policy for Heritage Language Instruction).

Senior Years

Grades 9 to 12 are organized around a system of credits. A credit represents 110 hours of course-specific instruction or classroom-based learning experiences. Students earn credits when they achieve a final mark of 50 percent or more for courses.

Senior Years French Immersion Program Graduation Requirements
Information about graduation requirements for Manitoba Senior Years French Immersion program. In 2007 Manitoba Education changed the Senior Years graduation requirements based on consultations throughout Manitoba.

For more information on the French Immersion subject areas visit the French Immersion website (French only).