Career Development


The new realities of the contemporary workplace and the contemporary worker have changed our perception and use of the concept of career.

Career development is now viewed as complex and multidimensional, involving growing through life and work - an interweaving of learning, experiencing, living, working, changing, and identifying and discovering pathways.

Thus career development can be seen as the creation of an individual's life/work designs.

What's New!

Manitoba Education and Training is pleased to release Career Development Internship (CDI) credit and Credit for Employment Guidelines (CFE) credit which may be implemented by schools on a voluntary basis, starting in September 2017.

Career Education - Senior Years Course and Credits

Take Our Kids to Work Day™ (TOKTW)

In November of each year Take Our Kids to Work™ invites students in Grade 9 to spend a day at work with a parent, relative or volunteer host to help them learn about today's workplace and explore possible future career options.

School packages containing the following TOKTW information were sent by mail to schools. Packages include copies of the TOKTW Parent Guides and parent or guardian consent forms for all grade 9 students. If you have any questions, please contact Ruth Stargardter.