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Futurpreneur Canada (Formerly Canadian Youth Business Foundation)

Futurpreneur Canada (Formerly Canadian Youth Business Foundation) is a national non-profit organization dedicated to growing our nation's economy one young entrepreneur at a time. As a national organization, they provide pre-launch coaching, financing, mentoring and business resources to help young Canadians, ages 18-39, start and sustain thriving businesses.

Successful Futures for All Students: A Guide to Career Development Programming For Manitoba School Leaders

This guide explains why career development continues to be an important consideration for all K–12 school leaders—now and in the future. It shows how career development programming helps Manitoba students complete school and transition to post-secondary education and/or the workplace. This guide also illustrates how Manitoba educators, schools, and school divisions can integrate career development concepts, programming, and resources with curriculum outcomes in their classrooms.

Career Development in Manitoba Schools - A Survey of Current Awareness and Practices (Adobe Icon 179 KB)

A six page survey was sent to 885 Manitoba schools March 2007 to survey the school system to determine the current level of career practices. 335 schools completed the questionnaires for a response rate of 40%.

The first part, "Career Development and Practices, Programming and Resources" focused on schools' career development activities and their awareness of the various post-secondary education, training and financing options in Manitoba.

The second part of the survey "Staff and Resources" focused on the questions related to resources that schools have been allocating to career development, the nature and extent of parental involvement as well as schools' awareness of available resources.

DRAFT - Career Development "Promising Practices" in Manitoba Schools (Adobe Icon 69 KB)

A Career Development Resource for Parents

This guide has been developed to help parents support teens as they explore their options and make decisions. The goal is to provide parents with some practical ideas and resources to use with their children.

Focus on the Future: Career Planning Begins at Home

This handbook has been written for parents of children in Middle Years schools. Research indicates that parents are the number one influence on their children's success in their educational pursuits and their choice of occupation. Helping children build on their skills, strengths, and confidence will assist them in planning for the future. This handbook has been written to encourage parents and children to begin thinking about and discussing career exploration.

Focus on the Future: Your Grad Planner

This document will help students gain an understanding of the requirements for high school graduation, career planning and paying for their future education.

A Self-Managed Career Portfolio Guide

The portfolio offers a framework for individuals to guide and capture all aspects of their career development, including self-assessment, goal-setting, skill identification, career and educational transition, getting and keeping work, and lifelong personal development. As an ongoing developmental process, the career portfolio provides documentation of the past and offers a guide to the future.

The Role of Guidance in Post-Secondary Planning: Findings for Manitoba

This report presents the Manitoba portion of a research project in career guidance in the secondary school system undertaken by the Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation in partnership with four provinces — Manitoba, Saskatchewan, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland and Labrador. It explores the availability to high school students and their parents of information and programming about careers, education and training options after high school and about financing these various options.

The Real Game Series

According to the school-to-work literature a good school intervention would include simulated occupational experiences which would excite students by the opportunities presented and motivate them to explore their occupational possibilities with more enthusiasm; teach them about the consequences of making decisions in life; allow them to test the adequacy of various decision making models; allow students to sample various occupations, incorporate role-playing; facilitate the learning of skills, interests, beliefs, values, work habits, and personal qualities that enable each participant to create a satisfying life in a constantly changing work environment; be developmentally appropriate and allow students to develop employability skills.

The Real Game series incorporates all aspects taken from career transition literature of what a good intervention program should be (as mentioned above).

The The Real Game series includes:

  • The Play Real Game, Ages 6 - 8, Grades 3 / 4
  • The Make it Real Game, Ages 8 - 10, Grades 5 / 6
  • The Real Game, Ages 11 - 13, Grades 7 / 8
  • The Be Real Game, Ages 14 - 15, Grades 9 / 10
  • The Get Real Game, Ages 16 - 18, Grades 11 / 12

All programs in The Real Game series are fully Blueprint-compliant. The context and activities have been conceived to maximize students' opportunities to master the full range of Blueprint essential life/work building skills. Each program in the series offers rich opportunities for team-teaching, involvement of senior student mentors, participation by community members and organizations, and parental involvement.

Web Resources

Links that support career development and transition education in a wide variety of settings including Early, Middle, and Senior Years schools.

  • Graduation Requirements, and Post-secondary Admission Requirements and Articulation
  • Take Our Kids to Work™
    Manitoba Education and Training is a proud sponsor of Take Our Kids to Work™! In November of each year Take Our Kids to Work™ invites students in Grade 9 to spend a day at work with a parent, relative or volunteer host to help them learn about today's workplace and explore possible future career options.Visit the website for more information or contact the Provincial Coordinator, Ruth Stargardter.
  • Career Cruising/Xello
    Career Cruising/Xello is an interactive career resource designed for people of all ages to help them find the right career, explore different career options, or plan future education and training. For access to this resource, contact Ruth Stargardter.
  • Career Development Gateway