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The new realities of the contemporary workplace and the contemporary worker have changed our perception and use of the concept of career. Career development is now viewed as complex and multidimensional, involving growing through life and work - an interweaving of learning, experiencing, living, working, changing, and identifying and discovering pathways. Thus career development can be seen as the creation of an individual's life/work designs.

New Half-Credit Career Development Courses
Manitoba Education and Advanced Learning is pleased to present the new half-credit courses in Career Development for grades 9 to 12 students. The existing full-credit courses in Career Development and their respective curriculum support documents are still available on the Curriculum Documents page.

Grade 9 Career Development: Life/Work Exploration (half-credit course) (Adobe PDF Document 237 KB)

Grade 10 Career Development: Life/Work Planning (half-credit course (Adobe PDF Document 199 KB)

Grade 11 Career Development: Life/Work Building (half-credit course) (Adobe PDF Document 178 KB)

Grade 12 Career Development: Life/Work Transitioning (half-credit course) (Adobe PDF Document 176 KB)

Take Our Kids to Work Day™ (TOKW) New!

Take Our Kids to Work™ invites students in Grade 9 to spend a day at work with a parent, relative or volunteer host to help them learn about today's workplace and explore possible future career options.

Please complete and return the Workers Compensation Registration Form by October 30, 2015. Completed forms can be emailed to:

Take Our Kids to Work (TOKW)
Manitoba Education and Advanced Learning
1567 Dublin Avenue
Winnipeg MB R3E 3J3


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