Student Records

MET Number Requests from School Divisions or Schools

To request a MET student number, please print and complete as many MET number request forms ( 68 KB) as required.

*This form is not to be used for registration of Kindergarten students unless it is for a special circumstance. Please indicate on the request form.

(The MET Number Request form is currently not available to submit electronically).


  • If the student was previously registered with a funded Manitoba school on September 30th, please contact that school first to obtain a MET number.
  • Print all information for each student requiring a MET number.
  • The student's COMPLETE LEGAL NAME MUST be submitted.
  • Fax the form to Education Administration Services Branch.
  • The form will be faxed back to the Division/District/School with the MET number included.

For further information please contact Education Administration Services Branch.