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What your child is learning

Grade 10 Social Studies: Geographic Issues of the 21st Century

This course helps students explore the nature and importance of world geography. Students examine the importance of the environment and of responsible management of resources. They also become aware of how their personal choices affect social, political, and economic issues of today.

Maps, charts and news articles are some of the ways students explore the course content. Students learn to communicate their ideas in writing and through oral presentations, maps and diagrams, websites, and other forms.

The course is divided into five areas of study:

  • Geographic Literacy
  • Natural Resources
  • Food From the Land
  • Industry and Trade
  • Urban Places

For further information, speak to your child’s teacher or refer to the Social Studies Curriculum Documents

How your child is assessed

Assessment will take place throughout the entire course. Observations, oral presentations, and written assignments are some of the ways that the teacher may assess your child. Assessment may include a final exam prepared by the teacher, the school or the school division. The final assessment evaluates the student’s knowledge and understanding of the topics studied. The length, value and the format of this assessment may vary from school to school.

Supplementary Information

Some schools may offer additional optional courses in social studies. Students who choose to take optional courses must also complete the Grade 10 Social Studies course: Geographic Issues of the 21st Century.

Before choosing options, students must make sure that the courses prepare them for specific faculties, programs or courses being considered after high school.