Manitoba School Leadership Conference

School Leaders Really Matter: Leadership for Student Learning and Well-Being (PDF Documents 1,3 MB)

On May 28, 2024, conference participants explored the Manitoba School Leadership Framework. A Conference Notebook was developed to assist with the conversations, and it can be used to support on-going implementation of the Framework, beyond the conference.

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Manitoba School Leadership Framework

Manitoba School Leadership Framework Document (PDF Documents 925 KB)

The Manitoba School Leadership Framework reflects the most current thinking and best practices of effective school leadership. It builds a collective vision for school leadership in Manitoba and identifies the evidence-based knowledge, skills, and behaviours required to promote student success in an inclusive, safe, and caring environment within and across Manitoba’s four school programs: English, French Immersion, Fran├žais, and Senior Years Technology Education.

The Manitoba School Leadership Framework (the Framework) was developed in collaboration with advisory and working teams, as well as extensive education partner engagements, including school and division leaders, teachers, parent councils, the Minister’s Student Advisory Council, Indigenous Rights Holders and organizations, and education organizations. As work to develop and implement the Framework continues, relevant content updates will be provided on this page. Feedback and comments about the Manitoba School Leadership Framework are welcome and can be submitted to


The purpose of the Manitoba School Leadership Framework is to support the development of school leaders while building system cohesion through a common framework, and to promote shared understandings of evidence-based knowledge, skills and behaviours of effective school leadership. It is a valuable tool to aid self-reflection, to guide professional development, and to promote learning.

The Framework

The Manitoba School Leadership Framework is purposeful in its design. It is to be considered as a whole, beginning with the Leadership Lens used to influence the leader’s work. Next, the Framework articulates the Leadership Dispositions that leaders bring to their work and then moves to the Leadership Focus Areas that organize the Leadership Practices and Behaviours. Finally, the Framework includes the Actions that bring this work to life. This Framework provides the map for any school leader’s professional journey. The school leader’s intentions and local context provide the destination.

Leadership Lens Leadership Dispositions Leadership Focus Areas Leading a Vision for Contiuous Improvement Building Relationships Leading a Safe, Caring, and Inclusive School Community Leading Learning Leading the Organization