Finance and Statistics

Grants for French Language Education

French Language Education Grant Guidelines

Respect the implementation policies established for

  • the Français Program
    The Français Program begins in Kindergarten or Grade 1 and continues through to Grade 12. All subjects are taught in French, with the exception of the English Language Arts course. By statute, the latter is compulsory starting in Grade 4.
  • the French Immersion Program
    Please refer to Curriculum Policy for the French Immersion Program, July 2008, 3rd Edition or
  • the English Program: French Courses
    French Courses are optional within the English program in Manitoba. The implementation of all French courses requires that:
    • teachers involved are proficient in the French language, knowledgeable in an additional language methodology and attend implementation workshops organized by the Department
    • a suitable classroom is provided for the teaching of French

Implement the curriculum frameworks as developed by the Department for the Program or Course in question

Submit an annual report to the Department through the FRAME Report