Integrating Culture in Classrooms and School Life

Integrating  Culture in Classrooms and School LifeIntegrating Culture in Classrooms and School Life ( 1,1 MB)
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Culture plays an important role in the development of French Immersion students’ identity. It can be broken down into cultural references ― i.e., things that are important to a group and together form a culture:

  • Public figures and characters, in all spheres
  • Achievements and works, such as creations, discoveries, and productions, in all spheres
  • Traditions, lifestyles, and social mores like customs, practices, and habits
  • Linguistic, historic, and contemporary heritage
  • Institutions and organizations serving the community
  • Legislation that had an impact on the community’s development
  • Demonstrations and gatherings of significance to the group

Integrating  Culture in Classrooms and School LifeThe brochure and insert are intended to inform administrators about the importance of:

  • promoting culture in schools and communities
  • supporting students in building their plurilingual identities
  • supporting staff with incorporating cultural references into the learning environment

Throughout the year, the Bureau de l’éducation française (BEF) offers professional learning sessions for teachers on cultural references and how to incorporate these concepts in the classroom and school. For more information, please contact the BEF at or at 204-945-6916 or toll-free at 1-800-282-8069, extension 6916.